Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Had my nuts cracked, Чайко́вский style

Nice evening today. I left work at 5:15 and walked across town to Edinburgh's best Indian restaurant, had a delicious meal with Julie, and then went to see The Nutcracker with her.

The design of the sets and costumes was gorgeous, the dancing was great, and the music was...well, presumably you've heard large chunks of The Nutcracker before.

Ballet isn't generally my thing, but it held my attention marvellously for a good hour of the two hour length - and thankfully, that hour was spread out quite a lot. Lots of good moments distributed throughout the whole evening, some lovely little comedic touches from two "monkeys" sitting at the feet of Clara (the young girl whose dream forms the majority of the performance).

It wasn't life-changing, but I am glad I saw it.

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