Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Where the pyramid came from, how to make your own, and what I thought of Mockingjay.

Over on DW, [personal profile] miss_s_b linked to The Independent's posting of the pie chart GIF. And they pointed to the actual original source. Which is awesome, if a little late for the 15,000 people that already retweeted my copy of it. Still, at least now I can point a couple of you at it :->

Meanwhile, [ profile] MartinBurnsSV points to this awesome animated javascript version.

And the retweeting seems to have slowed to a crawl, so my Twitter notifications feed is returning to normal, which is nice.

Oh, and Mockingjay Part I was awesome. I haven't read the books, but this was two hours of great character stuff with intermittent explosions - why on earth would you want to compress that to be able to squish the rest of the plot in? It didn't feel too long, and it never lagged. Marvellous stuff, and I'm really looking forward to part II in a year!

(I'd rather have it in six months, but I assume they want to give it time to be released around the world, hit the home theatre market and _then_ be released on Netflix in time to get people in for part 2. And avoid the summer blockbuster rush.)

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