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Some advice for those people who _do_ want Gamergate to be about journalistic ethics

This from a private post by the awesome Erin (who is half of the delightful Manfeels Park).

If I were a Gamergater and wanted to see the 'movement' succeed, I'd convince the majority to:

1) Immediately and loudly denounce any harassment/abuse of women/SJWs/'the other side' and jump on ANY talk of it in GG-associated forums
2) Write a clear manifesto concentrating on changes for the future rather than dwelling on journalistic wrongdoings in the past
3) Find a charismatic spokesperson and get them talking to 'MSM' asap
4) Adopt another fucking hashtag
5) Reach out to all the women who have been harassed and abused and genuinely promote them and their efforts
6) Start their own freaking news website*

They are their own worst enemy.

*seriously, where are the cries of 'If you want it so badly go make it yourself' that women gamers have been subjected to for years?
To which I'd add that #4 is vital - in the minds of pretty much everyone outside a small, oblivious, circle "GamerGate" is a hate group dedicated to rolling back any progress that's been made in gaming over the last decade or so*.

And I'd also say that gaming journalism being in the pocket of the games companies has been a problem since the ZX Spectrum, and if that's what you care about then you'll get a lot more focus on your issue by separating it from the rampant hatred that's out there. Give it three to six months for the current flamewars to drop out of the mainstream media, and use that time to get a manifesto written and some big names on board, along with a few sites that focus on pointing out the actual problems of journalistic ethics.

And then launch with a splash that ignores Gamergate, is inclusive, and instantly, loudly, shuts down any abuse that's associated with it.

Because otherwise you'll end up with a journalist investigating what you really believe in, and really not liking what they see. And we'll be right back where we are now.

*Seriously, Newsweek ran the stats on what Gamergaters focus on. The figures are in, and I am utterly unshocked by them.

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