Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

My tummy has an owie

Six weeks ago I had my appointment with a dietician, who officially handed me a load of leaflets about the FODMAPs diet and told me to follow it.

Since that point I've been doing so, improving as I go along and learn the various things to watch out for (like, for instance, which places are using wheat in either their burgers or to coat their chips).

Today I realised that my next appointment was at exactly the same time as the only work meeting I have between now and Christmas that I just can't move. So I shifted it - and the next available appointment slot is in January.

And because I wasn't going to have to be checked out by the dietician for another 10 weeks, I decided to celebrate by not giving a fuck about food intolerances and eating whatever I liked for dinner. And had a delicious chicken in a white sauce with mushrooms, followed by dessert that included a lemon tart.

It was amazing.

And now I feel like I am full of tiny stabbing daggers all the way from my navel to my nipples.

So totally worth it though.

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