Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I feel conflicted about the DC Movies announcement

bart_calendar pointed me towards this announcement by DC of 10 movies, including a Wonder Woman movie.

And on the one hand, "Yay! A bunch of movies that might be fun! Including a female-led one for once!"

But on the other hand, DC do not have a great habit of making movies that I fall in love with. Looking back over the list, the last one I came out of the movie bouncing was The Dark Knight, and that was largely for Heath Ledger's performance. Before that we're back to the three Batman movies of 89-95.

I liked a lot of Watchmen, while wishing it had been done somewhat differently. I liked bits of Man of Steel, which wishing it had been done very differently. I didn't bother with Jonah Hex or Green Lantern. Nothing here is giving me hope that they're going to give us a bunch of fun movies that are actively entertaining.

Whereas the only Marvel Cinematic Universe movie I haven't been very happy with was Iron Man 2, which fell a bit flat for me. Other than that, I've seen them all multiple times and been delighted to do so.

I shall try to restrain my cynicism - and hope that they can make some genuinely entertaining fun movies. I just shan't hold my breath.

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