Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Are you really part of a conversation if most people can't hear your voice?

There's an article by The Times that I'd probably like to link to. But I can't read past the first two paragraphs, because of the way their paywall works. And I can't say I blame them for having a paywall, because "Readers are the customers" feels like a better way of running a news service than "Advertisers are the customers". But it means that when the discussion is happening online, as it tends to for a lot of people nowadays, they aren't part of it. And that feels like rather a shame to me. (My solution, as I've mentioned before, is a subscription service that covers many, many sites, and divides up your cash based on how many pages you actually read on each site. But nobody seems to be interested in cooperating in this way.)
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