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How to share your Facebook Events on your Google/Android Calendar

The question of how to make your Facebook events come up on Google Calendar or Android has come up a few times. So I wrote a quick guide.

The important thing to remember is that _any_ Anrdoid Calendar App should be able to display your Facebook calendar - because they are just displaying one or more Google Calendars - and what we're about to do is pull your Facebook events into Google Calendar.

(The _other_ important thing to remember is that will work with any web calendar - so if you're using the awesome TV Calendar at Pog Design to track when the next episode of your favourite shows come out, you can follow steps 5 onwards to do so.)

This guide was written in Firefox on the Windows. If you're using a different browser or OS then it might be a little different, but it should be broadly similar.

Getting the information from Facebook
1) Open your Facebook Events page. Which is probably here unless they've moved it again.
2) Click on the little spiky circular symbol at the top right with a downward-facing arrow next to it. I've no idea why it has become the official symbol of "Confusing Technical Settings", but it certainly seems to be the one that's caught on.
3) Select "Export"

4) A dialog will appear. Right-click on "Upcoming events" and select "Copy Link Location"

Putting the information into Google Calendar
5) Open Google Calendar.
6) Under "Other Calendars" on the left-hand side click on the drop-down arrow and select "Add by URL".

7) Enter the URL that you copied back in step 4.

8) Click on the "Add Calendar" button. It will take a few seconds to pull the information across, and the name of the calendar will initially be the URL. But given a minute or two it will replace that with something more sensible.

Syncing to Android
If you then want to display it in Android then you need to open whichever calendar you're using and tell it which Google Calendars you want to see locally. I'm using the stock one for Android 4.4, but a similar process should work with any of them.

9)Open the calendar, click the menu at the top-right and select "Calendars to Display".

10) Click "Calendars to Sync" at the bottom.

11) Tick the new calendar that you want to start syncing. You may have to wait up to ten seconds for the list to update itself and show all of your calendars.

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