Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Aaah, coding. Or possibly "not coding"

Having finally finished tweaking the front end of my app, and getting Angular and Gulp both working away quite happily, I decided to stop procrastinating over the next phase of making it Actually Do Things and get the Java backend up and running with feeds.

At the moment, I have a perfectly workable system that lets me post to Dreamwidth/Livejournal from it. However, it only lets me make individual posts, which is completely useless, as that functionality already exists on the original web sites.

The next step is to set up (a) repeating posts and (b) posts that read in information from Pinboard and Delicious and produce output.

Once that bit is working I'll have something that is as capable as my current feed poster - but much better written, nicer to use, and flexible. At which point I'll be able to do the thing I promised [ profile] miss-s-b about three years ago and make it post from Etsy. And also manage multiple different feeds for the same user. And lots of other cool things.

Aaaaanyway, having finally got back to the functional bit, I did a quick check and discovered that my versions of the Google App Engine API and Objectify were both out of date. By nearly a year (and two major version numbers in the case of Objectify).

So the 90 minutes of coding I just got in turned out to not be 90 minutes of actual coding up new stuff, but 90 minutes of updating libraries, reading documentation on the changes, fixing the bugs that were introduced by incompatibilites, and generally faffing around to get it all working again.

Which it now does.

Maybe this weekend I'll actually get to the "making it do new things" stage...

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