Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

It's my birthday!

Which started with sleeping in until 9:00, waking up slowly while watching Richard Herring's 2012 tour "What is love, anyway?" on Netflix, and then going into town to have lunch at Prezzo with lizzie_and_ari (and Dora, who was adorable)*.

Julie joined me for all of the above, although she has now collapsed back into bed for a bit, so that she's in good shape for going out later. She got me four fringe tickets for my birthday, and I'm looking forward to finding out what they are (I don't get advanced warning of the titles - just where to go and when to be there).

I'm currently having fun with my presents from my parents. They essentially went through my Amazon wishlist and bought me all of the items that I added in 2011 or before - largely things which were recommended to me on FB/LJ and I made a note of by sticking them on there.

Oh, and an Ouya, which is now plugged in under the TV and working marvellously. I didn't buy it for the games (although they'll hopefully be fun), but because it runs the Android version of XBMC. And, so far, does a great job of it, playing MKV files perfectly (which the PS3 didn't). Next up: Working out how to sync the library with my laptop...

*I didn't set out to see anyone on my birthday - I deliberately took two days off so I could have a nice long relaxing weekend, but then they mentioned they were coming into town, and I couldn't resist going to see Dora them for an hour or two.
I don't generally feel the need to make a thing out of my birthday this year (or, indeed, last), after having a massive 40th. And I don't have a lot of mental space/energy for organising things. Next year, maybe...

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