Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

So we just watched Schindler's List

Which Julie hadn't seen before. We were only going to watch the first twenty minutes, but we couldn't stop and ended up going through all three hours in one go.

(Well, we took a few breaks to refresh drinks, and occasional pauses for me to explain context and history to Julie, who doesn't have Jewish family, and didn't grow up knowing this stuff through osmosis.)

The depiction of Auschwitz was as perfect a depiction of hell on Earth as I could ask for wihout being needlessly graphic.

I teared up on five or six occasions. And I'd forgotten how a good half of it went, which meant I kept getting kicked in the emotions.

And Amon Goeth definitely beats Tom Riddle in the evil stakes. Comes pretty close to Umbridge...

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