Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

A Game genre question - why aren't there more 1:1 MOBA games?

I was watching the trailer for Gigantic and had a thought:

Why so many games that face you and four of your friends off against another team of five people?

I mean, I know that DotA and LoL both make ridiculous amounts of cash, but it seems that there would be a market for games that drop you in with someone about the same level for a similar type of game - only 1v1.

SC2 is about the only game I can think of with this kind of gameplay - are there others that I just don't hear about?

(The thought occurred because I've been enjoying playing Hearthstone and having my ranking go up and down depending on games where I'm matched against people of similar skill, each game taking a short period of time. Having that kind of thing, but for a somewhat more complex game sounds like fun.)

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