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Andrew Ducker

A brief couple of thoughts on the recent finale of Game of Thrones

My brother Mike hadn't seen the finale, so we rewatched it on holiday.

And I had a couple of thoughts about, that I am terrified to go and share on a GoT forum, because I will undoubtedly run into people talking about things I haven't heard yet.

First, a non-spoilery factlet - the combat at the end is, I believe, filmed in the Mourne Mountains, and Julie spent large chunks of it having flashbacks to her Duke of Edinburgh expedition through there, and the glandular fever she was suffering with at the time.

So, spoilers

1) I had no idea who was going to win the fight between Brienne and The Hound. And even better, no idea who I _wanted_ to win. I loved the raw physicality of it - and the raw, rocky backdrop was perfect. You can see it here until it's taken down.

2) It occurred to me, watching Arya at the end, that pretty much all of the Stark Children are getting what they want:
Arya wanted to learn how to fight
Sansa wanted to be a princess/queen
Robb wanted to be a leader and live up to his father
Bran wanted to explore
Jon wanted acceptance

Which just goes to show that you can get what you want and still not be happy.

(I feel sure that next seasion _everyone_ will be happy.)

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