Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Evening Skies and Dogs

I looked out the window and saw the moon and a large pink cloud, and couldn't resist getting a shot. It's the kind of shot that makes me wish I had a great camera, rather than my camera phone.

And then this, five minutes later.

Spotting me coming outside, his lordship, Uther, awoke from his slumbers and demanded that I play with him.

He likes to play tug. I find it hard to take photos with one hand while playing tag with the other.

Her ladyship, Tara, declined to join in, but did come up to observe the proceedings.

Father, entertaining Uther. At one point Uther's feet were about a foot off the floor, and he wasn't letting go.

And then we all came inside and discussed where we are going to visit tomorrow. Julie suggest Hampton Park. Uther would like to find some sheep to play with.

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