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Andrew Ducker

Yesterday's Football post - an apology for lack of clarity

Lessons I have learned #75336: Either give multiple examples, or none at all.

Yesterday I wrote this post, decrying people who were mean about football.

I used the most recent example I'd seen, but wasn't clear about the context, or that this was just one example, and this led to a bunch of people, quite rightly, saying that this wasn't a great example.

What I hadn't made clear was that this was the tip of the iceberg. That I'd laughed at that episode, in context, at the time. That I agree that football can feel oppressive when it washes over the whole country/world at once. And that my unhappiness wasn't with the people who had posted this because it highlighted how they felt, or the people who had just retweeted this one thing, but the waves of anger I was seeing towards the sheer existence of football, and the people who love it.

Over one Twitter here someone else said it well:
To the: 'I hope England lose so you'll all eff off' brigade...
If I came here screaming: 'I hope game of thrones gets cancelled so you'd all shut up,' you'd all think I was nasty ad needlessly vitriolic.
And most of you saying these things are the kind of people who'd hate having it said to them. Why do you do it? Why do you get a kick out of lampooning your friends' passion. That's the worst thing. There's nothing redeeming about it. It's lame, embarrassing, and mean.
You get that people passionate about a thing, stood next to you who's passionate about making them feel bad, you look like the arse, right?
Because _that_ is what I've seen a lot of - far more than I've seen posts about Football, I'd seen people upset at the sheer existence of football. People making blanket statements about all football players, and about all football fans. General hostility to the fact that football is so popular, and that this meant that something was wrong with the world. And I really don't like that. I think it's unhealthy, and I think it breeds a lack of respect that makes things worse for all of us.

But I chose a bad example, I didn't make that clear, and I should have done. I'll try harder next time!

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