Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I've not managed a win of this magnitude before

It's rare for me to manage to get that many high-strength cards out at once. To get them out _and_ a Stormwind Champion to boost them all - not managed that at all. Needless to say, my next turn was nasty, brutal, and short.

Also, I feel good about getting to rank 19. Getting to rank 20 is easy, as wins move you up while losses do nothing to your standing. But once you're there you have to win more games than you lose to claw your way up to the next rank. Against players who may well have better cards than you. The mismatch there puts me off the rankings - but arena play, which uses a random set of cards, is still great fun. Which, presumably, is why they try to charge for it.

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