Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Julie has done a terrible thing to me

She called me through to the kitchen ten minutes ago, and once I had finished badly losing a game of Hearthstone* I wandered through to see what was going on, and found that she had the top half-off a can of spam, and was having trouble getting it fully open, and then getting the spam out.

This isn't really her fault. Well, not being able to get it out might be, but liking it is down to her being raised by her grandparents, and thus on basically a diet of WWII rations. Her diet growing up was almost entirely meat (beef or chicken) and overcooked vegetables. She's now developed a taste for (very mild) foreign food, but if you imagine the stereotypical old-fashioned British cooking that the French looked down at us for - that was it.

In any case, I gave her a hand wrestling the cube of gelatinous pink out of its chest, leaving her with something like this:

which I stared at, with barely concealed horror.

And then she thinly sliced it, and fried it into crunchy bits. And gave me a sliver.

And, God help me, I liked it.

It's like fake bacon.

I ended up stealing two more slices from her.

And now I want more!

(Both images from here, where they make spam sushi. Which I assume is a criminal offence in 2/3 of the civilised world.)
*I'm trying out a Druid deck that's full of murlocs and other low-level creatures. When it works it's amazing. But that's currently about one match in three, so I'm slowly tweaking it.

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