Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Hearthstone is my new timesuck

I picked it up at the weekend. Well, originally I picked up Diablo III's free demo to see what it was like now they'd peeled the awful "real money trading house" and "ridiculous grind so that you have to use the real money trading house" off of it.

And it was great fun. I finished the first secion (which is what you get in the demo) and it did a great job of giving me a nice effectiveness curve, so that I constantly felt challenged, but with intermittent sections where I felt like Legolas carving my way through a legion of orcs in a stylish manner. If I can persuade Julie to join me at some point then I'll definitely be picking up a couple of copies for us to play together.

I noticed that Hearthstone was also available. It being a free-to-play CCG based on the Warcraft background. It's very slick, the tutorial introduces things nicely, and the game itself is very smooth. I've played through a fair chunk of the training levels, slowly unlocking new cards as I defeated the various available classes (there are 10 different classes, each of which has its own unique cards, which means that each one has a very distinct flavour). This evening I met up with John and we played three games - I won two, and he slaughtered me in the third. I now have the urge to spend a chunk of the weekend building a more optimised deck. If anyone else is playing then feel free to add me (and leave a comment here so I know who you are...) - I'm AndrewDucker#2439. I won't be on a huge amount, but as games only take 5-20 minutes to play, I don't need to be on for long to get a match in...

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