Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

This picture is unpossible

I have a spinning disk hard drive in my PC, and an SSD. The SSD acts as a cache for the hard drive.*

Theoretically it caches whatever I'm using the most, and as I'm probably not using more than 30Gig of data regularly, that seems like a reasonable time/money trade-off.

It's tricky for me to trust the software it runs with, though, when it shows me images like this:

Where it's somehow telling me that the cumulative amount read from the normal hard drive has _dropped_. Now, if it was telling me that that was the cumulative amount read in the last couple of hours then I could see why it would drop. But the cumulative amount since boot?

*Zero points will be awarded to the first person that tells me to upgrade my 1GB HD to an SSD. Unless they also offer me the £500-odd necessary to pay for it.

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