Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Boggled by technology

Back when I first got involved in networks the state of the art was 10Base2 - the maximum speed of the connections was around 10MBit.

When I first got myself on the internet via a non-university connection the state of the art was 28.8Kbit. I remember spending long periods of time waiting for images to download. Sound files didn't really exist at that point, but if they had they'd have taken a ridiculous amount of time to download - animated GIFs were as close as we came to movie files, and they'd crawl down the phone wires, each frame appearing numerous seconds after the previous one.

Which is why I'm boggled that Virgin are now moving their _standard_ internet speed to 100MBit. Ten times faster than the networks I started with, more than three thousand times faster than the first internet I paid for. If it gets any faster then I have a 100MBit hub I'll have to upgrade (or if I upgraded to their top tier, which is 152Mbit).

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