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Back from the hospital, and curious about my symptoms

Last Saturday/Sunday I slept badly, and was grumpy. I ended up taking ages to get to sleep (a couple of hours of lying in bed staring at the ceiling is no fun), and waking up completely at 7am. I blamed this on work stress, and just soldiered on.

Well, I say that, but I ended up eating crappily for a few days - snacking on a couple of chocolates during the day (left over from Christmas celebrations), which wouldn't affect most people, but gave me a horrible headache, and odd eyestrain*. So, come Wednesday, I decided to just put up with the headache, not eat any sugar, and sort myself out. I also got on top of my work stuff, which meant that by Thursday
afternoon I was better slept, and felt a lot better. Julie mentioned that my right eye was bloodshot, but I assumed that this was left-over from my bad diet, and assumed it would go away. Thursday evening I was feeling better, so I decided I didn't need to see my doctor about the (still bloodshot, but less so) eye, which was lucky, because on Friday morning my team all got Windows 7 and I had to help them get set up with all of their applications**.

Friday passed ok, but I woke up this morning with my right eye feeling bruised on the inside, tender to the touch***, and that when I went from a dark room into a light one, or looked too quickly from side to side I had a feeling as if I'd pulled the muscle which moved it or opened/closed it.

At which point I phoned NHS 24, who booked me into an appointment two hours later at the local hospital. I went along, got looked at by a practice nurse, and then by a GP, who decided that I wasn't urgent, but should be seen by an expert at some point in the next few days, and so got me an appointment at the local eye specialist hospital tomorrow morning. By the time I'd got there my eyesight was feeling a lot better, and according to Julie**** it was a lot less red, so I was feeling a bit silly about it.

Except that on the way home we stopped off for something to eat, both had cups of tea, and ten minutes after that my eye was in agony, feeling like every movement was causing it to scrape along the back of the socket, which it was clearly now fifty percent too big for.

And I remembered that tea can raise blood pressure - and temporarily raise intraocular pressure.

So now I don't know what the hell is going on. But the fact that sugary/chocolatey things tend to occasionally cause my eyes to feel a dull ache, plus the effect that tea had, makes me think that there's something up that should really be seen by a specialist, so I'm actively looking forward to seeing one tomorrow.

Meantime, if anyone has any thoughts...

*This happens whenever I eat sugary chocolate things - my eyes feel like they have slightly too much pressure in them, and I get headaches when I _stop_ eating the sugary things.
**I got Windows 7 a few months ago at work, and so am used to the new processes for getting and installing software.
***Through the eyelid. I don't go around touching my raw eyeball. Ewwww!
****Who was a real trooper. She's been ill in bed for seven days, and this was the first time she's been anywhere near normal in ages. She came with me to the hospital to make sure I didn't bump into many things while half-blinded by the bright winter sun, and was then delighted to discover that ashfae and randomchris were there. Well, except for the fact that they were there because their kid had a temperature of 104. But still, people to talk to while I was off having people shine lights in my eyes...

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