Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

The Letter Meme: C

I was gifted the letter "C" by the lovely mountainkiss

Something I hate: Cancer. I've kept an eye on the work going on on cancer cures for the past few years, because it's in the top-five killers in the UK, and thus something I might have to worry about in, ooh, 20 years. Nowadays, of course, it's more personal.

Something I love: Comics. For the art. For the writing. For the ability to do things you can't do in any other medium. Runners-Up: Computers, which frustrate and annoy me, but I love using to solve problems and post memes. CAKE. Which I can't eat. Camping, which I enjoy occasionally - but one of my favourite early memories with Julie was the two of us snuggled up in a sleeping bag in a tent on a beach. Cinema, which I don't get to nearly as often as I'd like.

Somewhere I have been: Canary Islands. Where I got engaged. They were very pretty. Also, Cumbria, where I spent several holidays as a child, walking up hills and sleeping in tents. I enjoyed them quite a lot, except for the cold and wet bits.

Somewhere I would like to go: Canada. Which has, from the descriptions I've seen, always seemed like a nice, friendly, interesting to place to visit. And absolutely gorgeous too.

Someone I know: cairmen, who I see about once a month for a drink, ostensibly this is to talk about stress in our lives and how we're both coping, but it tends to turn into "Awesome geek stuff!" very quickly.

Best movie: I was completely torn between Chasing Amy (my favourite Kevin Smith movie) and Cube (a pretty much perfect indie suspense/horror/sci-fi movie - which follows one of my favourite plot devices of taking a disparate group of people and putting them under tension until they start to snap.). So I'm having both.

If you want a letter, leave a comment.

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