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A dizzying experience, and my favourite Thanksgiving comment

This was the view out of my window at work this evening:

Meredith handed Noah over to me this evening, as usual,in the gap between his tumbling class and her badminton group, and we went somewhere different - to see this:

Which is a long-exposure of the Star Flyer*. 60m tall, spinning, and frankly not a little terrifying, I volunteered to go up in it because Noah really wanted to, but neither Meredith nor Hugh wanted to.

I did my research first:

and having spoken to a few people it turned out that the spinning isn't at the usual funfair speeds (which just make me feel sick), but slow enough that you actually get a decent view as you go around.

So we got tickets, queued for about five minutes, and then up we went.

And, to be honest, it wasn't that bad. I'm not sure I _enjoyed_ it, but the view was impressive (if cold), I didn't feel sick, and I'm glad I did it rather than avoiding it. The only scary bit was when we slowed down again and started to come down it felt like we were faaaar too close to the nearby buildings. I'd love to know how close my feet were actually getting to the brickwork...

We then went for a wander around the Christmas Market, which was definitely better this year with less in it - the huge crush that used to happen on the plaza on The Mound was much less tightly packed, and there were less of the "traditional german" places selling awful kitsch rubbish. We went down to the Christmas Tree maze, watched the kids train go around it, and then Noah got to wander through it until he found the elf-workshop in the middle and claimed his Christmas gift. He seemed to rather enjoy it, and I need to go back sometime when I'm hungry and gorge on bratkartoffeln.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, the best Thanksgiving-related comment I've seen was by someone talking about cooking fails "It could be worse. A friend of mine left her turkey brining on the porch, and raccoons ate it's butt."

*Taken by the awesome photographer behind Real Edinburgh, who is worth signing up to Facebook just to follow.

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