Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Three things that annoyed me in the media today

1) The reaction to The White Paper on Scottish Independence. Some of it's been fine (people actually agreeing or disagreeing over the details). But large chunks of the reaction I've seen have been complaining that there's lots of stuff in there that's no absolutely guaranteed. Seeing as the Yes Campaign have been saying for aaaaages that they cannot guarantee exactly what will happen after independence, and that the whole point is that it will be down to future governments of an independent Scotland to decide exactly how Scotland should be run, following negotations with the EU, Westminster, etc. and that there are no guarantees*, and there's only now a white paper that goes into great detail because people have been demanding more detail on what, precisely will happen, it is particularly annoying that the news is now full of people saying "Aaaah, but they can't promise you any of that stuff - it's all just stuff they _want_ to happen." If it had, instead, contained the words "We'll negotiate our way out of the UK and into Europe. Let's just see how it goes, eh?" then the same people would have been demanding to know where the precise detail was.** It's point-scoring politics, and I want to take out the people that do it (on all sides - people accusing those against Independence of not being proper Scots are just as bad) and have them shot.

2) This article, which is almost the archetypal SCIENCE IS AMAZING article, whereby a new discovery is blown vastly out of proportion, and a theoretical "We had a nice idea that we're now going to explore" is portrayed as "THE WORLD WILL CHANGE FOREVER". In this case, particularly because it's talking about a successor to graphene, which was _last week's_ AMAZING DISCOVERY THAT HAS CHANGED THE WORLD FOREVER, but has now apparently been replaced despite the fact that nobody has actually got any graphene products in the shop yet.

3) This politics article. Because if you don't listen to your opponents when they have a good point then you're idealists who are unwilling to listen to reason, and if you do listen to them then you have apparently suffered "an intellectual collapse". Because, apparently, everything in politics is point scoring. Compare this to Germany where the mainstream right party and the mainstream left party have just hammered out a coalition and are working together for the good of their country.

Aaaaaand breathe.

*A word that annoys me, largely because I can never work out exactly where the u is supposed to go.
**At some point I will write up how I feel about Scottish Independence. Not this week though.

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