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Andrew Ducker

Just another magic Sunday

Today was the first day since the kitchen was sorted when Julie was in the country, I wasn't working late, and we had nothing else to distract us from sorting out the tiles, so we got up early* and got a bus to Portobello to have breakfast.

We like having breakfast out when we're heading out to do things. It avoids spending an hour cooking, eating, tidying, etc. and means that you're close to the place you're shopping as soon as you've finished your tea, and are ready to get going.

In this particular case it was even nicer than usual - we didn't check the menu before heading off, and the place we ended up in had a rather bread-heavy selection of breakfast offerings. So I googled a few of them, and discovered something I hadn't encountered before - it turns out that sourdough isn't nearly as bad for gluten-intolerance as most forms of bread. And one of the nicer-looking things on the menu was a sourdough croque madame**. I was sceptical, but decided to chance it, and if I had to spend the rest of the day in the toilet then that was a risk I was willing to take. So far, I've not had _any_ negative side-effects, which I've been very grateful for!

We then walked along the beach front to the tiling place we wanted to look at, giggling at dogs, and discussing what kind we want***. The weather was rather nice - brisk, but with gorgeous clouds, bright blue sky between them, a glorious colour to the sea, and a rather nice view over to Burntisland/Fife.

We didn't find any tiles in the first tile shop, although we did enjoy wandering around dreaming of being able to afford horrifically expensive slate tiling for the next bathroom. Google Maps found us another nearby tile shop though, and although it didn't have quite the perfect tiles, we found ones that will do nicely, and ordered them to arrive later this week.

We then came home, I pulled my hair out trying to understand how to make Angular-JS do the things I want it to****, and then we made our first roast chicken in the new oven (and pretty much the first thing ever successfully roasted in this flat that wasn't done in the slow-cooker). It was _amazing_. And we didn't even do anything complicated - just a bunch of carrots, onions and garlic in a pan with a chicken, stick in oven for an hour and a half, devour with mashed potatoes, cauliflower and sugar-snap peas.

Then I got another hour of Angular in*****, Julie phoned her Mum, and now we're going to try and pile a bunch more of the things that were in the kitchen a month ago, back into it.

Julie's strength is definitely up on where it was, even a month ago - even if a two and a half mile walk left her completely exhausted afterwards. That's still miles better than it was, and that makes both of us happy.

*Ok, 10:30. We may have fallen back asleep the first two times we tried to wake up.
**Or, at least, a variant involving bacon, a fried egg, and mustard mayonaisse.
***Julie: one she can pick up and carry if necessary. Andy: One about the size of Julie.
****It's amazing, but I'm still getting the hang of how it wants to work. Getting there though.
*****Turns out it was helpfully converting my requests into JSON. Which was very helpful of it, but not much use when my back end doesn't expect it

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