Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

So, I had a haircut, so you get a selfie.

Which I was nervous about, because I never know what's going to be the result when I put someone else in front of my hair.

But it was Julie's hairdresser, who has always looked after her, and she did a good job - happily chatting to me through it (we ended up talking about the difficulty of designing computer systems for complex systems - they have a booking system that works really well for letting people book online, but doesn't cope with "Someone's kid needs a haircut, and we can fit them in for five minutes between these appointments").

And it came out well - she trimmed around four inches off the end, thinned it, and gave it a nice shape (it's slightly longer at the back than it is at the sides), and left it just long enough that I can tie it back without it looking stupid. Overall, I'm rather happy about it.

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