Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

The world has changed, again - and so I want a recommendation for a cheap Android remote control...

Researching Sonos multi-room music systems for my Dad. You can control them using an iPhone or an Android. And, in fact, it seems like that's now the _only_ way you can control them, as they've now discontinued their dedicated controllers.

My father has an iPhone, so that's fine. But my mum doesn't use a phone at all, but would obviously still want to be able to change the music. An iPod Touch is about £140, new. I figured there would be an Android equivalent that was a bit cheaper - but it seems like the MP3 player market has basically died - even the iPod is down 31% on last year, as everyone just uses their phones, I assume.

I'm beginning to suspect that he should just pick up a cheap Android phone for £70 and not stick a SIM in it...

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