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I seem to have too much life to fit into my life

Yesterday Julie and I went to the Edinburgh Art Fair, which had a wide range of art. Largely mainstream, but some more unusual stuff too. We didn't buy anything, but with the state of both the flat and our finances I didn't expect to. It was great to just look around though.

Julie's energy has been a little better recently. The trip out still exhausted her, but she didn't have to collapse into bed and sleep for a few hours afterwards, collapsing on the sofa was good enough. It's all baby steps, but considering she only got the diagnosis in July I'm happy that things are at least moving in the right direction.

Today I put her onto a plane to see her family in Northern Ireland, where she is being well looked after for two days and catching up with them. She's spending Christmas with my family this year, for the first time, so wanted to go over and see them beforehand. I then came home via my brother's, dropping off a kettle on the way. We're slowly putting things back in the kitchen, but nothing goes back in unless there's a clear need for it - this is the perfect opportunity to declutter.

I then picked up Erin, Storm and Phil on the way home, and we watched the Extended Hobbit: And Unexpected Journey. I hadn't seen it since the epic repeated-watching at the cinema, and I was actually surprised by how well it stood up. The only bits that annoyed me were the never-ending chase through the caverns of The Misty Mountains (which lasted five minutes when it should have been three), the trolls going on a bit (20 minutes that could have been 10), and the warring stone giants (only two minutes, but could have been lost entirely). Everything else was pretty great, and the extended bits were all nice additions. Storm and Phil took away a large bowl we were going to throw out as well, which was nice.

Tomorrow there is work, and then I'm seeing cairmen in the evening. And then Tuesday there's a work drink/meal to say thank you for the work people put in for the conference, and Julie arrives back. I am already looking forward to next weekend (and not just for Dr Who at the cinema!)

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