Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Escape from the planet of the kitchen

Today the joiner, and his mate, were in fitting the cupboards.

We escaped around 1:00 and went to the pub, where we saw lots of lovely people, and were both fed (Mmmm, nachos) and socialised, arriving back at 4:00 to find that the left side is nearly finished, and large chunks of the right are also in place. The two of them left at 5:30, both returning home to appointments with their in-laws, which they didn't look entirely happy about.

We're happy though. Because at lunch the kitchen looked like this:

and then this evening it looked like this:

We're not allowed to put anything in the top cupboards yet, as apparently they still have fiddly bits to be added to them, but we may well start putting things into the bottom ones. Tomorrow the joiner returns, to do the right hand side, and then on Monday the electrician and plumber will hook everything up, and we shall have a kitchen!

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