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Andrew Ducker

Kitchen Day 3: Passing on the pain from generation to generation

I took today off work to paint the kitchen twice. It really needed two layers, as the blue paint already on there was showing through the first layer a lot.

We ran short of paint after the first layer - we'd bought two cans, but went through 1/3 of the second time by the time we finished the ceiling. Julie's plan of getting an extending roller made that a doddle, but it seemed to really soak up the paint.

You can see from the photo that we've done a half-assed job in a couple of places - those bits are behind where the cupboards are going, so the next people to redo the kitchen will undoubtedly curse our names. There are also places where the wallpaper was a disaster, and had to come off - taking bits of plaster skim with it. Some of that we'll live with, as it too will be hidden by the cupboards. Some of it we've left because it's where the plug sockets will be moved to (they can't stay where they are, as the stove is going in there), and some of it will have to be replastered and then tiled over, as it will be next to the prep area.

The important part of today was painting all of those bits that will be hard to get to once the cupboards are in place. And that's sorted - any tidying up that's left over can wait until after the kitchen is installed, and we know what needs to be done.

It feels nice to do something physical, that has real benefits to it. I can look at yesterday's photo next to this one, and know that we did that ourselves.

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