Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Kitchen Phase 2: Complete

I arrived home at 4:30, as Julie had been planning to go to a haematology support group meeting this evening. As it was she was too exhausted to go, so we ended up eating pizza together while the joiner cleared out the kitchen, leaving this:

We then spent about an hour removing all of the excess wallpaper that we could scrape off, taking out some screws that had been holding up the previous cupboards etc. Some of the wallpaper dated back to the 1960s, I suspect, and there were three layers of it in one section. Also, just out of sight is an appalling bit of plumbing where they'd taken up half a floorboard rather than run the pipe down correctly. That'll have to be fixed, as that's where the fridge is going!

We then washed the wallpaper with sugar soap to get rid of the grease. If we had more time/money then we'd get rid off all of the existing wallpaper and then replaster properly. As it is we can't risk finding awfulness underneath that then requires serious replastering and leaving to dry for a week...

We did fill some holes with instant plaster, which seemed to work ok. And washed off the sugar soap. It's now drying overnight, and I'll be painting it in the morning...

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