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Some day, this will all be over, and we will have a nice flat

On Satuday 532kg of kitchen arrived. It is currently taking up the entirety of our small bathroom (also recently gutted, replastered, and yet to be painted, as the plaster took two weeks to dry).

Yesterday I cleared out two of the kitchen cupboards into the study (where they join all of the stuff that was being stored in the small bathroom). Julie wanted to help, but was too tired.

Today, we worked together and cleared the rest of the kitchen out, into both the study (now full) and the living room (which has the microwave, kettle, and toaster in it, so that we have some food preparation possibilities). Julie was a champion, either actively helping me sort through things, or providing much-needed moral support the whole way through, with only a fifteen minute break while we went out to watch the fireworks go off over the athletics stadium next-door.

Tomorrow evening the joiner will clear out the kitchen.

Thursday, I have taken the day off work to paint the kitchen twice.

Friday, I think, the plumber and electrician will do their bits of the prep.

Saturday, the joiner will spend the day putting up cupboards.

Sunday, there may be a bit of finishing up.

And by Monday we should have a shiny new kitchen. And we will be able to cook again!

It's going to be a long week.

Visible in this picture, the original (blue) colour of the kitchen, and the white which Julie repainted half of it while I was in India, and she was bored:

(click to embiggen)

Edit: AND A DISHWASHER! I've been looking forward to having a dishwasher again for six years!

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