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Despite telling me that I couldn't possibly have a new phone until at least the 11th, Google got my phone into the post on Sunday and it was delivered this afternoon, into the waiting hands of Julie*. I have now had a chance to play with it.

Good things:
So fast! Switching between apps was taking 2-3 seconds on my old phone, and had become slower and slower over time as apps slowly swelled in size, to the point where switching between Firefox and Facebook could take up to 10 seconds. On the new phone, switching between apps is instantaneous. At least partially because it has 2GB of memory in it, and thus isn't having to kill apps off and restart them as I need them.
Nice screen - the phone is not actually dramatically bigger than the Galaxy Nexus I'm trading up from - 2mm taller, 1mm wider, but the screen is 8mm longer diagonally, because it takes up more of the case. And has gone from 720p to 1080p (1280x720 -> 1920x1080) - taking it up to 444DPI - I don't think there are any phones with a higher pixel density. In any case, it's very pretty.
Runs all of my software - I signed into it, put it down to watch this week's Castle with Julie, and when I came back to it it had installed all of my apps. Most of which worked very well. However...

Bad things:
My favourite email application (K-9 email) has a few glitches - including the email header section being oversized, covering up the first line of each email. Hopefully they'll push out a fix in the next few days.
Firefox crashes on startup. I assume that in both of these cases the developers haven't got their hands on a phone running Android 4.4 yet, and thus haven't had a chance to test. This is where Google's practice of not releasing betas of their OS updates is annoying.
It uses a MicroSIM, and my phone only has a MiniSIM (like most phones have). Not the end of the world, as I will be going into the Three store tomorrow morning and getting myself onto the One Plan. Having looked around, there don't seem to be any better options for unlimited internet, so I'm going to give that a go. In the meantime I shall be carrying around two phones, and as someone on Facebook put it, looking like a manger :->

*Who, despite our standing First Passed The Post rule, decided to graciously let me have it.

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