Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

It's a miracle! Customer Service Restored!

Last night got even odder. I assumed I'd got someone useless in the customer service centre who was completely confused, and that by posting it online and pointing Twitter at it I'd get somewhere.

However, as this Twitter exchange shows either there were multiple confused people operating their service centre, or the same person was operating Twitter too!

Thankfully, today, around 2pm, I got two emails with my RMA in it, and a tweet telling me it was all sorted. So I assume that someone altogether more sensible saw it and sorted it out.

If I had to hypothesize, I'd notice that the person's name was Lyudmila, that the return envelope is to Poland, and that it was rather late at night there, and possibly their most competent and geography-worthy staff aren't on duty then...

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