Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Barnes and Noble are incapable of providing their warranty support

They've shut down the phone line for warranty support on the Nook, so I went online via their "Chat with an Expert" service, in order to get my warranty sorted.

After several messages back and forth they went silent. So I started over and the following occurred:
You are now connected to Lyudmila from
Lyudmila: Thank you for contacting NOOK International.My name is Ludmila. How can I help you?
Andrew Ducker: I was chatting to a support representative and the connection closed. Can you confirm that they took my serial number/billing address and submitted the warranty claim?
Lyudmila: Your billing address is in Scotland and unfortunately we don't ship devices out of UK.
Andrew Ducker: Scotland is in the UK.
Andrew Ducker: It's the northern part of the UK.
Andrew Ducker: Where I bought it, in the first place.
Lyudmila: I suggest to provide a valid english shiipping address and we will be able to initiate the Base Warranty Claim to you.
Andrew Ducker: Scotland is in the UK. You sell Nook's in the whole of the UK.
Lyudmila: We are shipping devices only to England.
Lyudmila: I am sorry.

Anyone got any phone numbers that might be useful in escalating this?

(I tried 0800 2796665 - but that was just a voice recording saying to use the chat system.)

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