Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I had a dream with Nazis in it

Generally, there is nothing more boring than other people's dreams. Generally a random collection of events that doesn't tie together in any meaningful way. Mostly, unless you can sum up something amusing in a single sentence, like "There was a giant duck wearing a thong.", they're of interest only to the person that had them, and even then...

However, as this one was fairly coherent, and is still in my head half an hour after waking up, I thought I'd write it down. If I was you I'd have hit page-down already...

The first thing I remember was when I realised something was wrong. That all of the children* who'd been herded into the basement with me were _different_ - dark skin, or Jewish, or gay**. The sudden realisation that we hadn't been herded down here for protection, but to gather us all together.

I got a phone call from my Dad, and I tried to explain to him what was going on, but he didn't seem to instantly take in the enormity of what was going on, and then I had to go, as we were being marched out to get onto minibuses.

And then, once we were travelling along the motorway at high speeds the one in front of us opened its back doors and children were being thrown out the back, and I knew that we were next. The driver shouted at us all to lie down, to hide ourselves until he could get us off the bus safely. I crouched down behind the seats, and so did most of the other children, but some of the younger ones couldn't resist looking out of the window. I remember lying in the back of the minibus, keeping quiet, and feeling the crunch/bump as we went over the body of a child from the bus in front. And then were spotted from outside - I specifically remember a shout of "Die Kinder".

And then I remember the driver saying "The hell with this", and looking for a way off the motorway, that would let us get away into the hills where we might be safe.

And then I woke up. And that's possibly the most coherent, film-like, memorable dream I've ever had.

*I assume I was a child as well.
**No idea how I knew the last, I just did.

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