Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

My weekend

Ancient friend Adam, who moved to Amsterdam three years ago, was back in Edinburgh for a few days of work, and able to then spend the weekend with us.

So we massively nerded it up. Friday evening was Magic The Gathering, which I haven't played for about fifteen years. We only got one game in before I had to leave, but I managed to knock someone else out before I was steamrollered into the ground, and much fun was had.

Saturday was boardgaming, starting with three hours of Fortune & Glory, which is basically competitive Indiana Jones, where adventurers race around the world, collecting artefacts, punching Nazis, and generally engaging in impirialistic shenanigans until someone's looted enough items to get tenure win. Good fun, although it took long enough between actions that I was getting somewhat detached from it by the time we'd been playing for 90 minutes. Probably better with four than seven.

This was then followed up by intertwined games of Bang! and Werewolf. Although the variant of Werewolf we were playing had non-canonical rules, it was rather fun. Bang! was also good silly fun, although I keep thinking that there should be better strategies for detecting who's an outlaw and who's a deputy.

This is us during a game of Bang!:

I then went home, had some dinner with Julie, and then the two of us met up with Adam, Nick, and Meredith and got a train to Glasgow, to go dancing at Bedlam. Where I danced to a lot of music I hadn't danced to for many years, including getting Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine followed by Pop Will Eat Itself, followed by Nine Inch Nail's Sin - all of which took me back to the heady days of 1990, when I went to university and was first exposed to all three of those songs.

I drank somewhat in the first half of the evening - it turns out that after about eight shots my body decides that alcohol isn't safe for consumption, tells my tongue that it tastes bad, and begins rapid processing to get it out, leading to me stopping drinking, and then going to the toilet five times in the next hour (apparently missing Ministry's Stigamata, which was very annoying).

The club closed at 2am, and the taxi I'd ordered turned up about twenty minutes late(r), to drive us back to Edinburgh. Not a cheap night out by any means - It worked out to about £110 for Julie and myself between trains, taxis, entry and alcohol, but not horrendously extortionate either. We got home around 3:40, and I managed to put myself back to sleep when I woke up at 9am, sleeping on until 11:30, when some people decided to ring the doorbell and ask if I wanted to talk about God*.

Today is being spent putting up some blackout-blind around the bedroom window to complement the blackout curtains, and then catching up on cleaning, tidying, and other miscellania that haven't happened over the last few days.

When my body stops complaining, that is.


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