Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Superman, now and then

I'd just finished watching the new Superman trailer:

when I got an email from octopoid_horror telling me that there was something I had to see.

There's a site called YouTubeDoubler which takes any two Youtube videos and plays them both at the same time, so that you can be amused at the way they sync up. So you can be amused by the modern equivalents of the Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz meme.

Anyway, he sent me a link to this, which has the new trailer in one window and the original Superman music in the other window. And instructions to mute the new trailer, and just watch it with the original music. (I also paused them both so I could start them in time.)

And bits of it synchronise so well that I wonder if it was deliberate. Even if it wasn't, it works incredibly well - they both build at the same kind of pace, and just hearing that music playing over Superman imagery is enough to leave me with a massive grin.

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