Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

A weekend of code and games.

Two projects got some work this weekend.

Firstly, something I've been meaning to work on for ages for cairmen and werejud's walkthroughs. Provided with a script it splits it out into lines/character, and then when you assign actors to characters it produces a script with their characters' lines underlined, so they know exactly when they're "on".

The most difficult bit of this was the UI, because I hadn't touched XAML before, I hadn't touched anything to do with databinding in a very long time, and the conjunction of the two (and me wanting to do some stuff that's apparently unusual) led to many hours of swearing. I think I've got the hang of (most of) it now though. If I had to do a lot of it, I'd probably buy a book...

The other part of my weekend was spent getting basic Persona support into the replacement for my link poster. The current one requires a Google account, and frankly I'd rather support Mozilla's far more open attempt at providing a login service. No pretty pictures to show this time, what with the work all being "under the covers", but I successfully got it using AJAX to send identity assertions from the web page to the server, and then passing those on to the identity verification service to check that the assertions matched the login. Still a way to go, but it's nice to get the basics working.

Oh, and I played about 90 minutes of Mass Effect 3. The final DLC came out recently, and so I could get it all downloaded, and play through it without worrying that there would be more content on the way. I grabbed all the single-iplayer content (whining, all the while, about the rubbishness of the Origin/Bioware download system), and set off to save the galaxy from The Reapers. So far this is looking like a tricky proposition. I'm sure it will all be _fine_ in the end though. It was great just being able to import my savegame from Mass Effect 1/2 and continue with the character I've played through over a hundred hours with. So far the gameplay feels a lot like ME2, but a bit smoother. Some of the new moves are rather nifty, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they throw at me along the way!

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