Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

It's nice to know I'm so predictable.

I'm trying to get Tiny Tiny RSS installed on my webspace, on the grounds that it's self-hosted, and thus not vulnerable to the whims of capricious companies.

And I bump into some oddness around PHP, so the obvious first step is to ensure I have the correct version installed. A quick google tells me that putting a one-liner into a file and sticking it on the server will give me that information.

So I save it into a file called "info.php" and drop it in a folder, hit the upload button on my webspace's file browser, and it tells me that I already have a file called info.php. From 2008. Which turns out to have exactly that one line blob in it.

I assume that I was installing something back then (possibly RoundCube, when I was looking into better email front ends, before I migrated the backing store for to GMail) and needed to check exactly the same thing. And had the same thought process.

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