Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Your bi-weekly sickness post

I was off work for a few days before my mother came up, and then spent most of the following fortnight of holiday either actively sick, or feeling washed out in the aftermath. Definitely not the best holiday I've had.

I then had a whole fortnight of feeling fine before my cough started. Which was just your average three days of intermittent ticklish-throat coughing. Until last night, when it turned into constant, every-thirty-seconds coughing, and unpleasant phlegm*, culminating with me climbing out of bed at midnight and going to sleep on the sofa so that Julie could get some sleep.

Frustratingly, I propped myself on the sofa, coughed twice, and then fell thoroughly asleep. I woke up again at 6:30, cold and with my leg complaining about the angle I was sleeping at. So I climbed back into bed, shivered at the freezing mattress and duvet, and promptly fell asleep for another hour.

This morning my cough seems to have receded to yesterday morning's levels, which is nice. And I'm exhausted, but have lots to do, so I'm off to work in a moment. I'd like to be not-sick at some point soon.

*Plus hot sweats. I hate it when my temperature control goes out of whack.

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