Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I forget how much I love dancing

Went out last night for a mass celebration by erindubitably, marrog and diotina, who hired a room+bar+dance floor at The Voodoo Rooms and then played several hours of awesome music. The huge advantage of friends with awesome musical taste hiring a place to play it being that you get to dance for four hours straight. The disadvantage being that I ache somewhat today, and Julie's limbs have all detached, hidden under the bed, and are refusing to come out.

Seriously. If there was a dancercise class that played largely 90s rock and pop (with other classics sprinkled in) I'd be there on a regular basis, and probably rather fitter.

The second-best thing about the venue was the light-up floor, which I've never had the pleasure of being hypnotised by before.

The best thing was the toilet doors. I've seen everything on toilet doors from the simple text "Gents" and "Ladies" to exaggerated social norms of what different genders look like. This is my favourite solution to knowing which door to go through:

And here's my favourite cover version of No On Knows, so you can bask in its awesomeness:

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