Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

We went out! And had fun!

I was working late this evening, and Julie has been feeling particularly stir-crazy the last few days, so I skipped out of the office at 6:45 and met her for dinner at Cafe Rouge, where I had some delicious mushrooms in garlic and white wine, she had some chicken pate with caramelised onions, and then we both had steak.

And then on to The Stand Comedy Club, where we saw Bright Club - a bunch of academics explaining what they do, as humorously as they can manage. There was a whole range of talent, from "somewhat funny, but doesn't really get the idea of comedy" to people with clearly polished performances. And during a break I got to get the name of a paper one of them cited, which I'll be reading at some point soon.

We left before the headliner, due to sheer exhaustion, but it was really nice just to get out for an evening.

(Sleep now. I seem to have a mound of emails from today, which will have to wait until tomorrow evening for replies.)

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