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Over to my brother Hugh's today at 2:30, so that six of us could play Twilight Imperium together. The game started at 3:30, and by 9:00 I had just started to get the hang of it enough to start scoring points. Sadly, this was also the point where I had told Julie things would be ending and I could come meet her and davesangel in the pub. davesangel was visiting fro, Dublin, and the two of them had been out for dinner - I was going to join them at the Jekyll and Hyde afterwards.*

What I had stupidly forgotten, was that this was because Ascension had just been moved there. I've been intermittently going to Ascension to dance to goth/bleep/crunch music for about ten years, and it's slowly shrunk while changing venues repeatedly. This was it's first night in the new one, and clearly a bunch of people had decided to come along and see what it was like - the numbers were up significantly on previous nights I've been to in the last year - probably 60-75 that I saw there, which did a good job of packing the place out. I got to dance to Lucretia and Headhunter, as well as a bunch of other stuff that I recognised to differing degrees - they're now down to one dance floor, but rotated through a variety of different styles over the evening. The place felt a lot more comfortable than the previous venue, being altogether less dank and claustrophobic. I'll definitely be going again.

* I hear that the game ended about half an hour after I left, with my brother leapfrogging to victory, as he so frequently does in board games.

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