Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

We just watched Looper, and I liked it an awful lot.

The time-travel, as usual, made exactly as much sense as the plot needed to (i.e. none at all if you thought about it), but everything else was so good that I really didn't care.

I've seen one of Rian Johnson's movies before (Brick) and as with that, the writing/direction were both top-notch. Bruce Willis was great, Joseph Gordon-Levitt continues to be amazing, both Emily Blunt and Jeff Daniels were good, and seven-year-old Pierce Gagnon just blew me away.

It's a gorgeously shot character piece that just happens to include time travel, the mob, and telekinetics. Mostly it's about owning your own future and deciding the effect you want to have on the world.

Well worth seeing.

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