Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Reasons I love my wife #8335 (plus bonus flamey death)

Finding this pinned on the cupboard above the sink.

It's the speech-bubble that really does it for me.

We arrived back from Devon at 4:30 yesterday evening, and I was very glad to discover that I _had_ shut the front door when I left nine days earlier. I turned on the heating to increase the temperature from the 13.5degrees the flat had dropped to, and then we got some food at the nearby Nepalese restaurant before collapsing back to the flat again.

At 6:30 I said "I'm going to lie on the bed with my laptop for twenty minutes until I'm feeling alive enough to unpack." At 7:00 she said "Could we just turn off the lights? I'm falling asleep." I was fairly sure I wouldn't fall asleep, but figured I could keep her company while she nodded off.

Next thing I know it's quarter past seven this morning, and twelve hours has magically vanished.

Today has been a day of unpacking, a visit from old uni friends Susan/Aaron, multiple lots of laundry, and some Minecraft wherein I said something much like the following following:
"I've worked out how to make a decent sized map. I'm going to go for a wander around the area to fill all the bits in."
"Ooh, there's a red dot, I wonder what that is. I'll go take a look at that location and see what's there. Maybe it's wild animals or something."
"Aaaah, aaaah, I'm on fire! The red dot was a pool of lava!"
"No, I have no idea where I dropped all the stuff where I died, because I don't have a map any more!"
Lesson learned: Do not walk around with the map held up in front of your face if you don't want to fall into a big fiery pit of death.

I think we should all remember that.

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