Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I love the sound of rain

Got into Exeter at 11:00, was picked up, taken home, and then pounced on by a pair of alsatians. I am now thoroughtly chewed, sniffed, and licked.

The South-West is having quite a wet time of it:

On the way down here I was shown where this continuous state of affairs has washed away a lot of the road my parents live off of. You can still traverse the road, but both sides of it have had the tarmac washed away leaving the stone rubble underneath, which is then washed downhill, gouging out more of the road. When this rain finally stops the council are going to have to redo most of the road from scratch. When we paused I could see raindrops bouncing over an inch back up into the air. I'm rather glad we're not in one of the many places currently being flooded.

Now bed, where I get to listen to the rain being blown against the window, one of my favourite sounds to fall asleep to, and one I rarely get in Edinburgh because the bedroom windows are reasonably sheltered from wind.

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