Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Today has consisted of violence and shopping

We had breakfast at the local cafe, and then got the bus into town to get Julie some new shoes. As usual, our plans didn't go quite as they should, largely because she wants some walking boot type things, and the various sports/outdoor shops we went into had lots of walking boots for men, and a tiny selection of fluffy-line boots for women. For fuck's sake. I got some replacements for my worn-out trainers though.

So we went to the Christmas Market so I could get some bratkartoffeln, to M&S for some luxury dinner, and a few other places to discover that a decent balanced-arm desk lamp will set you back around £60. Then we wandered to the bus stop to get home, and were entertained by a bit of spontaneous performance theatre by the police and two groups of football fans. The football fans were constantly trying to get closer to each other, the police clearly didn't want them to, and I assume it was a metaphor for modern life*.

And then we got a bus home and collapsed. My left foot, which had mostly recovered from last week, is now somewhat sore again. *sigh*.

*As well as being a bit scary to be around. The police were hitting the fans with batons to make them retreat from battling in the middle of the street. There were about 50 fans in total, with about 20 of them attempting to engage in combat at different times.

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