Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

How I spent my weekend (lasers, demons, javascript and headcrabs)

This weekend was nice and relaxing, and after a few days of feeling like I was horribly low on sleep I finally felt somewhat better slept.

Saturday was johnbobshaun's birthday, for which I travelled to sunny Falkirk with Hugh, Meredith and Noah, and then shot people repeatedly with Lasers. I didn't come first, largely because Meredith was much better than me. I did come second though, with Hugh in third. Not bad for a game with 14 people in it! It was nice to see people, although I did then stagger back to Edinburgh rather than go onwards to Stirling to spend more time with them, due to a mixture of lack of sleep and wanting to go home to a still-ill Julie*.

Sunday I spent a few hours playing with Javascript and JQuery, working out how to generalise code so that I can make panels fly in from the sides of the page in a nice frameworky kind of way. Things are slowly falling into place, although I still am still loathing working without decent autocomplete or refactoring tools. I need to spend some time working out what the best tooling is for writing Javascript in.

In-between all of this I've been playing Torchlight 2 with Julie and Black Mesa by myself. Both of which continue to be excellent. I'd forgotten how much Half-Life was a series of set pieces. Were there earlier FPS games that were so structured? Or was it the first of its kind? In any case it's certainly very kind of so many scientists and soldiers to wait for me to walk around a corner into line of sight before they die in terribly unpleasant ways. The game seems gorier than I remember, but that's probably because the graphics are better, and the physics engine means that the people's remains bounce off of walls more realistically when I drop a grenade into the middle of them.

Torchlight 2 also continues to be great fun. It throws gorgeously painted isometric monsters at me, I click on them, it gives me new weapons to kill the next set of monsters. It's a beautifully symbiotic relationship, and one that we've lost several happy hours to.

*Who totally gave me an evening pass, which I would have used if I had been less tired. Stress seems to be keeping me from sleep well or sleeping in, which sucks.

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