Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Exciting Things And Stuff

I am looking forward to Borderlands 2 _a lot_, and this video just has me even more excited:

A hands-on with a chunk of the game reveals more info here.

Nick sent me this via email this morning:

Which is the second music video I've seen recently that I was impressed by (the first being the Amanda Palmer one in today's link post). Are there lots of awesome music videos out there I'm just not aware of?

And then this, which nicely illustrates that the only constant is change:
2072: ''It's UNFAIR that a PROFESSIONAL LIVESTOCKER should have to figure out how to gelatinize brainwave cubeforms JUST to make a living these days!''

And lastly, I love this house:

You can see more by the same designer here.

(Tasks managed this morning: paid photographer, paid DJ, deleted 70-odd emails. Still to-do: delete 200 more emails, wash lots of clothes, eat lunch, buy food so that I can eat lunch.)

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