Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Laughing rather less

When I posted the image this morning of the lion on a horse/zebra on a giraffe I had just seen something, giggled at it, and decided to share it.

I then got a message from someone who had seen it, and wondered if I knew about the source of the top image. Which is an awful zoo in China, which is training animals to perform unpleasant tricks for tourists.

I'm not a fan of animals being forced to do things like that - particularly as the lion will almost certainly have been declawed and defanged beforehand, and much though I found the conflation of the two images hilarious when I was waking up, it's leaving a bit of a sour taste in my mouth now.

The person who messaged me* worried they were being a spoilsport, and whether I would actually want to know the provenance of the photo. To which my general response is _absolutely_ I want to know, and nobody is being a spoilsport by presenting me with the facts.

If I want to then turn around and say "Actually, I don't care about the feelings of giant carnivores, and am perfectly happy with them performing for my amusement." then that's up to me - I get to find things funny (or not), and nobody else can tell me my sense of humour. But I do like it to be an informed one.

*They didn't tell me publicly, so I don't feel right posting their name publicly.

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